‘GTA 6’ map leaks: Vice City is the likely setting as synthwave artists reportedly receive clearing music rights requests

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2020/08/07 [10:21]

‘GTA 6’ map leaks: Vice City is the likely setting as synthwave artists reportedly receive clearing music rights requests

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2020/08/07 [10:21]

▲ From the “GTA: Vice City” anniversary trailer | Photo credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube screenshot


Another potentially leaked information emerged online adding to the speculations that “GTA 6” could be set in Vice City. Synthwave music artists were reportedly contacted with requests for clearing music rights for a “radio station.”


‘GTA 6’ map location: Next game may return to Vice City, but in what era?


Music is a huge part of the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise since radio stations became a unique gameplay feature in “GTA III.” This was further enhanced in the subsequent title “GTA: Vice City” released in 2002.


The supposed leak comes from the Twitter page of Vector Hold, which is described in its profile page as “a solo retro 80's Electro Synth project by Pete Rice.” In a now-deleted tweet, the Vector Hold wrote, “‘GTA 6’ will most likely take place in Vice City.” In the same online post, it was claimed that people have been reaching out to synthwave artists about clearing music rights “for a radio station.”


It can be recalled the “GTA: Vice City” marked the beginning of Rockstar’s tradition to have a soundtrack mostly composed of licensed music instead of its previous strategy of using original songs. More importantly, the 2002 game introduced an in-game radio station, Wave 103, that mainly features synthpop music.


Video game fans should take this with a pinch of salt. But it would not be strange for Rockstar Games to reach out to synthwave artists for “GTA 6,” especially if it is, indeed, set in Vice City.


If “GTA 6” were to be set in Vice City, the next question is going to be in what era would the next game take place. Synthwave music might also give fans a clue because the genre could work well with the highly rumored retro 80s era for the next game.


‘GTA 6’ release date still a huge mystery


Rumors about the “GTA 6” music might also be telling fans something about the next game’s release date. While compiling a licensed soundtrack takes time, it seems like something a developer would do close to the end of a game’s development.


With that, some fans think this leak corresponds with speculations that the next game’s earliest possible release is in 2023. But there was also Jason Schreier’s report which mentioned that “GTA 6” is still in early development suggesting it could still take several years before its retail launch.


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