‘Apex Legends’ Nintendo Switch release date announcement could be imminent; game port gets official ESRB rating

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2020/10/21 [10:56]

‘Apex Legends’ Nintendo Switch release date announcement could be imminent; game port gets official ESRB rating

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2020/10/21 [10:56]

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It is n secret that one of EA and Respawn Entertainment’s ongoing projects is to bring “Apex Legends” to more platforms and garner more active players for its breakout free-to-play battle royal title. While launching the game on Nintendo Switch has been announced for a while now, developers have yet to give it a specific release date.


‘Apex Legends’ Nintendo Switch release date to be announced soon?


The good news is players might be inching closer to the much-awaited Nintendo Switch launch of “Apex Legends” after fans found a piece of potential solid evidence. CrockOclock was the first to report that the game has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) for the portable console.


Like its other versions, the “Apex Legends” Nintendo Switch version has been rated as appropriate for teenage gamers. This recently found clue tallies with the developers’ previously announced timeline to launch the game in late 2020. On the other hand, age ratings are hardly indications that a game development is close to completion. So it is still best to take this with a grain of salt.


Some fans may have started to worry about the “Apex Legends” port getting delayed, which is understandable considering the various factors this tear that could affect the development timeline. However, Respawn and EA have yet to announce changes in the release window of the game for the Switch console, so it could mean that the late 2020 release window is most likely still in place.


However, it is worth noting that when “Apex Legends” game director Chad Grenier was asked just earlier this month about the battle royale game’s Switch port, all he said was, “We are still working on it. Can’t say more.” Fans on Reddit are speculating that a specific release date could be announced in the next Nintendo Direct, but even that does not have a publicly known schedule.


‘Apex Legends’ is also being developed for mobile gaming


Nintendo Switch gamers are in a better situation than those waiting for “Apex Legends” to be released on mobile platforms because the latter appears to be farther along in terms of development and does not even have a solid release window yet. In October 2019, the mobile port was mentioned as likely included in EA’s fiscal year 2021 lineup of game releases – that could be sometime from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.


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