PS5 restocks: Target stores are reportedly getting console drops this week

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/01/20 [10:44]

PS5 restocks: Target stores are reportedly getting console drops this week

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/01/20 [10:44]

▲ PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller | Photo credit: Tamara Bitter (@tamofoto) / Unsplash


Anyone who has not capitulated into buying overpriced PlayStation 5 posted by resellers and scalpers is likely still looking out for the scattered PlayStation 5 restocks. They will have to be extra keen this week as Target is reportedly getting some available units on different days this week.


PS5 restocks on Target anticipated this week


Most of the PS5 restocks since its launch last November were made available online. Most retailers prefer this method considering the ongoing pandemic. But having the chance to purchase the new-generation console online does not mean it makes things easier for gaming fans who have yet to get a PS5.


It appears that at least one retailer -- Target -- will have PS5 restocks this week. Spiel Times cites information from "regular sources and a few new ones" that the retail store will have several drops of PS5 consoles through the week. Shipments are rumored to arrive on "January 19 and 21," but the report cannot specify which areas are getting them.


Considering the shipments' anticipated schedule, fans are advised to lookout for PS5 drops between Jan. 19 to Jan. 22. Gamers should also manage their expectations because stores that will receive available units of PS5 are not expected to get large quantities of the console.


Getting PS5 will still be difficult despite this early tip


Per the report, Target stores could get 4 to 12 units of PS5 during this period, and they are expected to be listed for online availability. It means it would still be a tight situation for anyone hoping to purchase the new-gen console. The same report advised gaming fans that Target, based on previous drops, usually makes the new stocks available between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. ET.


There is a better chance at a faster transaction if customers are already logged in on Target's website and mobile app. This will let buyers check out their orders more quickly. PS5 remains incredibly in demand, and the very few units available per store means they are likely to sell out very shortly after the restocks are added on the website. Those who are not lucky enough to get a PS5 through Target's reported drops this week can follow Twitter pages and join Reddit groups where restock updates are immediately posted.


Featured photo by Tamara Bitter on Unsplash

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