Crypto Bank Collaborates with Thanksgiving Star Donation on Virtual Asset Donation

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/01/23 [10:18]

Crypto Bank Collaborates with Thanksgiving Star Donation on Virtual Asset Donation

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/01/23 [10:18]


Crypto Bank plans to collaborate with Thanksgiving Star Donation by opening a virtual asset donation platform in the Crypto Bank application to help those in difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Thanksgiving Star Donation is a charity organization created by Korean celebrities to raise funds for the needy. Sponsored by Korea Food for the Hungry International, Citizens for Decent Housing, Heemanghousing, and many more, the non-profit organization currently has over 450 participating celebrities. 


Thanksgiving Star Donation was founded by Korean celebrities during the 2007 South Korea Oil Spill Incident. The organization now holds concerts, volunteer activities at orphanages, book donations, and auctions for fundraising. The organization plans and conducts various domestic and global volunteer programs with Korean entertainers. 


According to a Crypto Bank official, the users can donate their BTC or ETH by clicking the “Donate” button in the Crypto Bank application. The donated tokens will be sent to Thanksgiving Star Donation. Users can donate with little hassle because they can enter the donation amount in KRW.  


The official said, “We felt that we needed to re-establish the sense of community during the pandemic. We heard that the charity fundraising is declining, so it would be a good idea to collaborate with Thanksgiving Star Donation to help those in need and revive the charity culture.”


Thanksgiving Star Donation will hold the Twinkle Donation Concert on Jan. 30, 2021. The event presents Jang Hyeokjae of Soriel, saxophonist Danny Jung, Lee Se-jun of Yurisangja, popera artist Sujin Kim, musical singer Lisa, and many more. 


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