Foblgate-LBXC'Trade King' event opens tomorrow, prizes are Mercedes S-Class

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/02/02 [19:07]

Foblgate-LBXC'Trade King' event opens tomorrow, prizes are Mercedes S-Class

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/02/02 [19:07]


In celebration of the new year of LBXC, which is drawing attention with the release of super-luxurious prize lines such as Mercedes S-Class, BMW, MacBook, Dyson, etc., the “Trade King” event will start tomorrow on the virtual asset exchange Foblgate (CEO Lee Cheol-i).


In the LBXC transaction volume event, prizes are awarded through a lottery in the order of the members with the highest LBXC token transaction amount. It has been a hot topic before the start of the event due to the eye catching prizes of all-time. The attention is paid to who will be the prize winner of the Mercedes S-Class.


LBXC is a token issued by Hong Kong-based blockchain smart healthcare company LBXC Enterprise HK Ltd., and is used as a utility token in the smart healthcare platform DBE (Digital Bio Exchange)', which has announced that it will release its beta version in February. 


CBNK Ltd., a cryptocurrency specialist, recently acquired LBXC and is expected to be used as a real-time payment method in Cryptobank, a total financial solution for virtual assets. CBNK is committed to securing liquidity of LBXC by participating in various De-fi projects as well as healthcare and financial services.


An official at Foblgate said, “From the beginning of the new year, following the event we had with the WAFL Token, we are continuing to collaborate with the Lux Bio (LBXC).” “We will further unfold interesting and beneficial projects by implementing various projects in the future.”


Foblgate recently opened a variety of services such as 'Super Honey Deal (A-IEO)', Ripple airdrop support, and KRW loans secured by virtual assets. It plans to expand its business as a comprehensive financial platform this year.


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