Roku update: Remote control with built-in battery and ‘personal shortcuts’ enters Early Access Program

박소현 기자 | 기사입력 2021/02/17 [11:17]

Roku update: Remote control with built-in battery and ‘personal shortcuts’ enters Early Access Program

박소현 기자 | 입력 : 2021/02/17 [11:17]

▲ Photo credit: Roku / YouTube screenshot


Roku has a product entering the market this month, and it is an all-new remote control. It will give customers who are not the biggest fans of disposable batteries a good option as one of its main features is a built-in rechargeable battery.


New Roku remote control has built-in battery and customizable buttons


Battery charging options have been one of the things to consider when buying a new gadget. While wireless devices using disposable batteries or removable rechargeable batteries have their merits, some people are ready to move forward with built-in batteries. And if they are using Roku streaming sticks, they might soon find the remote control that fits their preference.


A Reddit thread (via Zatz Not Funny) confirmed that the new Roku Voice Remote Pro is entering the company’s Early Access Program this month. Roku has started sending invitations to select customers who might want to become the first individuals to try the new remote control.


The promo image indicates that one of the new features is “personal shortcuts.” No further information is provided, but a preview of the remote control has four unlabeled pill-shaped buttons suggesting “personal shortcuts” mean customizable buttons.


Unlike earlier versions of Roku remote controls, this one will no longer use a pair of AAA batteries as it favors a built-in rechargeable battery. The screenshot of the Early Access invitation did not mention any details about the new battery. But a Reddit user who claimed to be a beta tester said it could be charged with a micro-USB cable. Devices released in recent years have already ditched the micro-USB port for the USB-C, so this could be a letdown for some customers.


The same beta tester confirmed that the new Roku remote control comes with a Li-ion battery, and they needed to charge it three times since they started using it last November. This particular information was met with mixed reactions, with other Roku users saying they have yet to replace the AAA batteries on their remote control since January 2020. But others argued that it would be inaccurate to judge the forthcoming Roku Voice Remote Pro based on this information since every person uses their remote controls differently. It is also possible that Roku has applied some changes from the beta version of the remote control to the one being offered for the Early Access Program.


Who can get the new Roku remote control?


While the Roku Voice Remote Pro is being offered to a wider group of people, its availability is still very limited. Per the same source, Roku is releasing only 2,000 units of the remote control.


People who have received the invitation are the only ones who can buy them for $29.99, and the offer is on a first come, first serve basis. The new remote control is slated to ship on Friday, Feb. 19.


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