SOBA Platform Pre-booking Event, 300,000 SOBA Tokens Rewarded

이선영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/02/25 [15:38]

SOBA Platform Pre-booking Event, 300,000 SOBA Tokens Rewarded

이선영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/02/25 [15:38]


Blockchain-based entertainment SOBA platform opened a teaser site today ahead of the beta release in March. On the teaser site, a pre-reservation event is held which uses lottery-pick to reward 300,000 SOBA tokens to 100 people through SOBA platform.  


The SOBA platform, the NFT platform that enables musicians to sell, purchase, and rent digital contents such as sound sources/videos/pictures/goods/tickets/memberships, etc., to their fans by converting them into digital assets.


The SOBA platform uses blockchain technology to solve the irrational and opaque revenue distribution structure in the music market and to increase the bond between fans and musicians. SOBA's decentralized smart contract technology drastically reduces unnecessary intermediaries in the music production process, allowing more royalties to be paid to musicians, and giving fans complete ownership of scarce-value digital content.


Furthermore, SOBA's music loyalty card allows users who own it to receive a regular distribution of a portion of the copyright fee. Like stocks that can see market gains by investing in stocks of promising companies, users who purchase SOBA's digital cards can make initial investments in promising music sources and musicians.


An official of the SOBA platform said, “This SOBA project will build a system that can naturally transact NFTs without understanding the blockchain technology, setting only musicians and listeners as first priority.” By introducing them in advance, we want to solve customers' curiosity about the SOBA platform, and open a pre-booking event that provides the platform's native coins as rewards to maximize user participation from the beginning of the platform.


For SOBA platform pre-booking events, you can participate in the event just by entering your email address. In order to win, after opening the SOBA platform, you must sign up for the platform with the corresponding email address. Also, when participating in the event, you can receive the new content of the SOBA platform in the form of a newsletter. 


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