TriumphX Releases White Paper 2.0 to Present Strategies to Strengthen NFT Business Concentration

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/06/09 [16:09]

TriumphX Releases White Paper 2.0 to Present Strategies to Strengthen NFT Business Concentration

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/06/09 [16:09]

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, has released a project update that contains a strategy to strengthen business concentration in order to achieve more realistic results in the NFT market in version 2.0 of the whitepaper.


TriumphX was launched as a blockchain-based NFT platform project for game item trading about a year ago, and has been developing NFT business in various fields such as platform development, content acquisition, and partnership alliances. Meanwhile, the NFT market has grown rapidly enough to emerge as the most core trend in the blockchain industry, and while various contents are published as NFTs, active blockchain transactions are taking place in the global marketplace. TriumphX is currently diversifying its business areas from game contents to art, sports, and entertainment, publishes various high-quality contents as NFTs, and actively supports P2P transactions.


The key contents newly included in the WhitePaper 2.0 are as follows. First, the project contents were updated. The description of TriumphX's two platforms, ENFTEE and Sole-X, has been reinforced, and a detailed description of the cross-chain technology that enables cross-chain transactions through bridge technology support has been added. In addition, specific implementation plans have been added to further enhance the liquidity of tokens within the platform through collaboration between NFT and De-Fi.


NFT specialists have been reinforced. As the NFT business area was diversified, there was a replacement of team members that fit the business direction of each area. Instead of the game developer group, an NFT professional technical team was formed, and the marketing manpower for active public relations was strengthened. Then, a professional agent for managing NFT publishers joined.


An influencer in the art field has joined as a new advisors. TriumphX recently recruited RisingSun (Kim,Il-dong) and RosaFantasy artist as advisors to strengthen NFT in the art field. RisingSun has been collaborating with companies such as BMW and CGV, and is planning to expand its marketing channels and expand its art market infrastructure based on its diverse careers such as hosting art talk shows for office workers and also has been known as a film director. RosaFantasy pioneered a new art genre called digital ink sci-fi, and is actively working in Korea and Europe. In particular, it will help the project to establish infrastructure and establish strategies for entering the European market.


An official from TriumphX said, “Since the launch of the project, we have done our best to find a strategy that can produce more efficient business performance by actively reflecting market changes and trends, and strengthened our strengths and weaknesses through continuous feedback on the entire project process. After drastic revisions to this document, we have released this White Paper 2.0.”

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