CBANK, PSC, KVI Payment Method Registration by Signing a Business Agreement with Cryptobank & Cryptoss Platform

이진영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/03/26 [14:31]

CBANK, PSC, KVI Payment Method Registration by Signing a Business Agreement with Cryptobank & Cryptoss Platform

이진영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/03/26 [14:31]


CRYPTO BANK and CRYPTOSS signed a business agreement on March 17 to link virtual assets and real economy. Through this MOU, Cryptobank's CBANK token will be registered as a payment method of virtual assets of the Cryptoss platform.


The Cryptoss platform is a blockchain project that focuses on linking the real economy of virtual assets. Cryptoss minimizes the inherent resistance of virtual assets in the settlement market through cross-swap between floating virtual assets and stable virtual assets. In addition, Cryptoss provides an all-in-one payment solution that supports both general card payment and crypto digital asset payment, while simultaneously equipped with payment solution hardware and software.


The Cryptoss platform provides legal and transparent settlement of the merchant's taxes, etc. when making payments between users of virtual assets and merchants, while attracting B2O (blockchain to offline) customers, giving great hope to small business owners struggling with Corona 19. In addition, virtual asset users are also supposed to reward users for the payment fees that had to be paid to the card company through VANLESS-based App-to-App payments, so it is possible to provide the most important user benefits for the commercialization of virtual assets. Currently, 9 payment companies that apply Cryptoss' payment system are participating, and a contract for the installation of a payment terminal has been completed with the Korea Song Training Center Association, which has 35,000 members nationwide. Cryptoss built more than 2,000 merchants through the demo station in 2020, and 2021 is the first year of the establishment of a commerce ecosystem for virtual assets.


Cryptobank tokens (CBANK) are not the only virtual assets registered in the Cryptoss platform through a business agreement between Cryptobank and Cryptoss. As a blockchain-based integrated payment platform project, the PSC and KVI tokens of Polestar and Cave eChain, which recently launched Star Finance DeFi, are also listed on Cryptoss and will be used as a payment method for merchants in the future.


An official of Cryptoss said, “I am very pleased to be with Cryptobank's CBANK users, and above all, I am quite satisfied with this agreement in that it has provided an opportunity to link the ecosystem of virtual assets with the real economy. We will actively work to ensure that more excellent virtual assets can be used in concrete terms.”


A Cryptobank official said, “It is highly welcomed that virtual assets leave the exchange and enter the realm of consumption, and this will greatly contribute to narrowing the distance between daily life and blockchain in the future. Cryptobank is preparing to provide an integrated financial solution for virtual assets, and in the long run, we will try to commercialize virtual asset payment by commercializing the interactive smart QR payment system technology.”

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