QUEENBEE Company Webdesign Renewal

이선영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/04/02 [15:18]

QUEENBEE Company Webdesign Renewal

이선영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/04/02 [15:18]


QUEENBEE COMPANY, presenting a new financial solution to the private equity market for unlisted companies growing globally, announced that it has completed the renewal of its web and introduction video on April 5th. QUEENBEE COMPANY announced that the renewal is to enhance the understanding of QUEENBEE COMPANY and expand accessibility to investors and users.


Private Equity Market for unlisted companies’ funding scale is continuously increasing every year and reached 600 trillion won. Starting from 2010, the scale exceeded the public offering market investment.


However, there is a mismatch between unlisted companies and investment companies in reality. Unlisted companies are having difficulties in finding investment entities which meet requirements to their growth steps. On the other hand, investment companies are having difficulties on confirmation of accuracy and transparency which are crucial factors of investment to unlisted companies. 

To solve the mismatching problem, QUEENBEE COMPANY is establishing a financial solution. At the same time, QUEENBEE COMPANY provides “Partial Listing Service” to unlisted companies and “Investment Advisory Service” to investment companies.


Partial Listing Service is a program which provides fluidity by digitizing partial stocks of corporations and listing them. As a result, unlisted companies can still operate as unlisted companies even after listing, and through this, companies can quickly raise funds and maintain corporate control. QUEEN BEE COMPANY establishes a blockchain system “HIVE” for Partial Listing Service to transparently and safely record and manage the company's valuation and accounting processing, financial status, shareholder status, and stock transaction details.


Moreover, QUEENBEE COMPANY provides Investment Advisory Service to investment companies to reduce investment risk and help them use their funds more fluidly. QUEENBEE COMPANY transparently provides information on private companies to investment companies through “HIVE” and supports flexible “EXIT” according to investment. 


QUEENBEE COMPANY has signed a partnership with Singapore's '1 EXCHANGE' to further strengthen work efficiency for providing the above services. 1 EXCHANGE is providing liquidity to unlisted companies in the Pre-IPO stage, which is the stage prior to the Initial Public Offering (IPO), and is leading the digitalization of assets by legally acquiring licenses from the Singapore government. Based on this, QUEENBEE COMPANY insists that it will build stronger global networking in the future.


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