SOBA Platform, Ecosystem for Listeners and Musicians, Launches in Beta Today

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/04/02 [15:23]

SOBA Platform, Ecosystem for Listeners and Musicians, Launches in Beta Today

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/04/02 [15:23]


Blockchain-based entertainment NFT platform SOBA was released in beta today. SOBA, the native coin of the SOBA platform, was recently listed on the domestic virtual asset exchange Gopax, attracting attention as an NFT coin.


The NFT market that SOBA is focusing on is truly hot. According to Dapperlabs, the amount of capital inflow into the NFT market was only $12 million (about 1.35 billion won) in December 2020, but NBA TOP SHOT, OpenSea, and CryptoPunks , And top platforms such as DeltaTime saw a 28-fold increase in sales in February to $342 million (approximately 382 billion won). It's an amazing achievement in just three months.


All areas in demand can be issued as NFTs, and through this process, value can be extended to a new level of blockchain network. However, nonetheless, there is an area called the mainstream in the NFT market. The most representative are games, sports, art, virtual spaces, and music fields that the SOBA platform intends to service.


SOBA platform is a platform that improves the imbalance in the complex distribution process and profit distribution in the existing music market through blockchain technology, and provides more loyalty to musicians and listeners. In addition, it expands the contact points between fans and musicians, which are limited to streaming services and performances, in various ways. The listener can directly invest in the recording work of his favorite musician or convert various contents produced by the musician into a digital asset.


Those who applied for the SOBA platform pre-booking event, which was held with the opening of the SOBA platform, must sign up for the SOBA platform within two weeks from today to be confirmed to participate. For more information, please visit


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