Cryptobank Plans To Introduce Virtual Asset Payment in the Existing POS System by Next Year

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/04/07 [15:07]

Cryptobank Plans To Introduce Virtual Asset Payment in the Existing POS System by Next Year

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/04/07 [15:07]


Cryptobank, a total financial solution for virtual assets, announced a detailed plan for commercialization of virtual asset settlement. Cryptobank is planning to introduce a virtual asset payment system within the existing POS system by next year, taking convenient user experience as a top priority.


Cryptobank is a blockchain-based fintech solution that enables virtual asset management/remittance/payment. Recently, APIs from large domestic exchanges are additionally linked to enable integrated management for each exchange, and an updated version of the function to share transaction fees of friends recommended through friend recommendation will be released within a few days.


Cryptobank plans to acquire additional affiliates through the completion of the merchant token payment test and partnership with VAN (Value-Added Network) and PG (Payment Gate) to commercialize virtual asset payment, and commercialize virtual asset payment within the existing POS system by next year. Plan to realize.


In fact, Cryptobank is working with SWEPT, which is pursuing a real simple payment QR code relay service business for virtual asset settlement, to test virtual asset settlement through QR and secure simple payment affiliated stores at the same time. In addition, it has announced that it plans to conduct a payment test by registering Cryptobank Token (CBANK) as a payment method within the Cryptos platform, which focuses on linking the real economy of virtual assets.


A Cryptobank official said, “The virtual asset payment method that virtual asset-related fintech companies are attempting in a short period of time is unfamiliar to most users and franchisees, and faces the biggest problem to overcome the psychological hurdles about virtual assets. Cryptobank is preparing a customer-oriented payment method that can supply liquidity of virtual assets while maintaining the physical payment method in cooperation with the ecosystem of the existing payment market, even if it takes a while.”


In addition, this year, we plan to introduce various financial solutions based on blockchain in sequence, such as securing additional liquidity of Cryptobank token (CBANK) through the development of Huobi-based DeFi platform and linking with Cryptobank.

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