ENFTEE Premium NFT Exclusive Market's First Edition Sold Out, Second Edition Released

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/04/11 [09:53]

ENFTEE Premium NFT Exclusive Market's First Edition Sold Out, Second Edition Released

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/04/11 [09:53]

The first edition of ENFTEE's premium NFT-only pavilion Market S, the first NFT (Non Fungible Token) project of the cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, TriumphX, was launched on the 9th. It was sold out.


Market S NFTs sold out this time is Rosa Fantasy's second NFT series, the Cyborg series. All of them were rare works published in one single edition. To purchase Market S's special NFT, NFTRIX, a token dedicated to Market S, is required, and NFTRIX can be obtained through swaps of existing TRIX tokens. Currently, NFTRIX swap is supported by CoinZeus, a virtual asset exchange, and TRIX with existing lockup can be swapped and withdrawn with NFTRIX without being restricted by lockup.


According to an ENFTEE official, TRIX's swap support to NFTRIX began with the opening of Market S on the 9th (Fri), and all of the special NFT editions of Market S were sold out on the same day.


Accordingly, ENFTEE additionally unveiled a new special NFT edition. The first NFT released is “Dance and Moonlight”, the first NFT series by Kim, Seok-young. The Horse Artist, he has graduated from Hongik University's Department of Western Studies in 1990, and his work <Gokshin> became widely recognized as the exterior wall image and DM advertisement image of Lotte Department Store. In 2015, the Busan Art Fair, Insa Art Center Solo Exhibition, Busan Mare Solo Exhibition, Daegu Art Fair, KIAF (COEX), and Shanghai Affair have a total of 6 consecutive sales records. Currently, his works are SK Co., Ltd., Woongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd., Nexus Co., Ltd., KOREF Co., Ltd., Kowloon Construction Co., Ltd., Shin Myung Pharmaceutical Foundation Co., Ltd. It is exhibited in groups on top of China.


The words in Kim, Seok-young's "Dance and Moonlight" released this time are not still painting, the soul inside the painting is moving. His paint strokes and countless colors gathered to make sense seem to breathe with energy. The brilliant energy becomes an optical illusion and flows from one place to another in the picture. The dynamic words make anyone who meets the color of the canvas expressing the night intoxicated with ecstasy.


An official of TriumphX said, “I am very happy with the successive sales records of ENFTEE works, and I hope that a variety of rare and valuable works will be delivered to many people in this premium Market S exclusively for NFTRIX.”


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