LUXBIO(LBXC), Blockchain Smart Healthcare Platform DBE Apple IOS Version App Release

이선영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/06/10 [16:28]

LUXBIO(LBXC), Blockchain Smart Healthcare Platform DBE Apple IOS Version App Release

이선영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/06/10 [16:28]


LBXC Enterprise HK Ltd., a blockchain smart healthcare company, announced that it has released the Apple IOS version of the beta application of the healthcare platform 'DBE (Digital Bio Exchange)'.


Luxbio's DBE platform was already registered on Android Google Play Store in March. In the Apple iOS version, app registration was completed at the same time, but it took time during the screening process, so it was released at this time.


Luxbio is a global project promoted with the goal of a diagnostic business that converges blockchain and stem cell treatment technology, a cosmetic business, and a smart healthcare business that links smart wearables and smart healthcare devices.


The DBE platform provides not only health management functions but also functions to manage health examination records, medical records, body information, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. through linking with various smart healthcare devices, and predictive treatment based on that information is also possible.


Meanwhile, Luxbio recently completed the second DBE update to supplement and add some functions. First, users were able to register their own health checkup data. Through this, users can measure their degree of obesity and can check predictive information about future diseases. Points are accumulated when data is entered through health check-up data registration and device linkage, and can be exchanged for LBXC tokens in the future. It is also possible to use the shopping mall through the DBE platform and Metamask linkage. Users will be able to purchase beauty and various health care products with LBXC tokens in the market on the platform.


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