TriumphX Plans to Operate From Issuance of NFT to VR Exhibition in Collaboration With SPECIAL ARTS, a Social Enterprise

이선영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/06/23 [10:12]

TriumphX Plans to Operate From Issuance of NFT to VR Exhibition in Collaboration With SPECIAL ARTS, a Social Enterprise

이선영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/06/23 [10:12]


TriumphX, a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform developer, has signed a content supply contract with SPECIAL ARTS, a social enterprise that fosters artists with developmental disabilities, for NFT issuance and VR (Virtual Reality) exhibition business.


SPECIAL ARTS Co., Ltd. is conducting various projects for adults with developmental disabilities to help them become independent in society as artists. They are providing various opportunities to broaden the scope of social activities while expressing themselves and communicating with people through continuous artistic activities as well as education/arts/employment/exhibition projects.


Recently, works by Choi Cha-won(23),Kim Jae-won(22), and Shim annsu(27) an artist belonging to SPECIAL ARTS, were rented to the Blue House, and they appeared in the background of the congratulatory video of first lady supporting the opening of Daegu Ye-Aram School, the first special arts school in Korea.


TriumphX has opened and operated the NFT publishing platform ENFTEE and the NFT marketplace Sole-X. In order to easily purchase Klaytn and Ethereum-based NFTs, cross-chain technology can be used to pay with Klip, Kaikas, and MetaMask wallets, and OpenSea sales agencies are also in progress for artists who have signed a content supply contract.


TriumphX plans to not only publish the works of artists belonging to SPECIAL ARTS as NFTs on Sole-X, ENFTEE, and OpenSea, but also create a dedicated page in ENFTEE and open VR exhibitions together.


A TriumphX official said, “Through this project, I want to show that the things that NFTs can do are limitless. Rather than simply turning digital art into an asset and looking at it as an investment value, I hope it will be a project that can promote good works to the world and actually help artists become socially independent. I hope that collaboration with SPECIAL ARTS will help them become more interested in art welfare.”


Currently, 16 artists are affiliated with SPECIAL ARTS, and their works are introduced through a regular exhibition called ULLIM, hosted by SPECIAL ARTS. The 7th ULLIM exhibition, which is currently being prepared, will be held at the Gangnam United Gallery from November 17th to 29th.


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