TriumphX, NOONI Artist's Art Released as NFT

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/06/24 [17:31]

TriumphX, NOONI Artist's Art Released as NFT

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/06/24 [17:31]


TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that the work of artist NOONIi will be released as an NFT.


Artist NOONI majored in art education at Chung-Ang University's Graduate School of Education, and has been engaged in various art activities such as painting murals, logos, and illustrations, and participated in several group exhibitions.


The work of artist NOONI, which will be released as NFT this time, is “Do you wear colored glasses?” . The cats in the work each wear their own sunglasses. This refers to the image of human beings who view the world and others with their own prejudices or preconceived notions. In that sense, the title of this work is actually a question of the artist to those who deal with it.


There is no one without stereotypes. The same goes for people with an open mind. People are in different worlds and environments, have different relationships within the same space, and experience different daily lives within the same relationship. NOONI makes us think about prejudiced thoughts. Isn't it the attitude we need to try not to judge or evaluate ourselves and others? Artist Nooni tries to bring out such a primal question within us.


In a society that tries to judge people and view the world with a prejudiced mind, we do not have time to think about who we are. Just as all my relationships and experiences are precious, so are others, but we live as if only mine is with value. Of course, getting rid of  prejudiced views, looking at people through the eyes of a blank slate, is not easy because it is breaking our own mold, but if we meet more diverse people, we will be able to get help. NOONI artist is asking if an unbiased gaze can really exist in this world.


Cats have become an important part and companion of our society. Dogs are often thought of as the most friendly animals to humans, but in some countries, cats are already preferred over dogs. Cats have nothing to do with darkness or Satan; rather, they are lovable creatures that heal our soul. Artist NOONI wants to draw a cat that is not only adorable, but also has eyes that see through people. And the cat makes you realize that you are not being judged, and you should not judge others with your own standards. Artist NOONI's first NFT series will be published with TriumphX, and we expect the popularity of these cats.


NOONI's NFT works can be found on TriumphX's NFT platforms ENFTEE and Sole-X. Both platforms accept ETH and TRIX payments, and ENFTEE recently added support for ETH payments.


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