TOM.FINANCE De-Fi Project Reveals TOM Token Vesting Schedule

강승환 기자 | 기사입력 2021/06/29 [15:19]

TOM.FINANCE De-Fi Project Reveals TOM Token Vesting Schedule

강승환 기자 | 입력 : 2021/06/29 [15:19]


TOM.FINANCE, a blockchain-based decentralized financial platform, has released a vesting schedule after the mining of TOM tokens has ended.


TOM.FINANCE launched a mining platform on November 20, starting with liquidity supply on the global top-defi platform UNISWAP. Users who attracted the LP tokens received during liquidity supply in the platform were rewarded with TOM tokens.


TOM tokens were planned to have a maximum issuance of 25,000 at the time of the launch of TOM.FINANCE, and all of them were designed to be distributed to DeFi participants in a decentralized way. There was no allocation for teams or ecosystems in the 25,000 issuance, and there was no pre-mining. However, since TOM token mining took only about 60 days from 11,234,809 blocks to 11,646,967 blocks of Ethereum, tokens not mined within that period are naturally burned. In reality, the mining amount of TOM tokens did not reach the maximum issuance of 25,000. This seems to be due to the effect of the Ethereum network overheating as De-Fi booms around the world in 2020.


The vesting schedule of TOM tokens distributed by the DeFi protocol and mining system is significantly different from the token vesting schedule of general blockchain projects. In the initial stage of a project where token economy is usually designed, various items such as ICO, pre-sale, marketing, team, ecosystem are assigned, and only the sale volume and some marketing volume are released. Therefore, the initial circulation of the total issuance is usually about 20-30%. On the other hand, since TOM tokens are designed to be mined 100% only within the DeFi ecosystem without prior investment or pre-mining, it is as if the vesting schedule has effectively ended as of now.


Meanwhile, TOM token was recently listed on LATOKEN, a global virtual asset exchange, and can be traded in the TOM/USDT pair.


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