TriumphX Signs MOU with XPOP, a Decentralized Entertainment Company

이선영 기자 | 기사입력 2021/07/16 [09:50]

TriumphX Signs MOU with XPOP, a Decentralized Entertainment Company

이선영 기자 | 입력 : 2021/07/16 [09:50]


TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it has signed an MOU with XPOP, a decentralized entertainment company.


XPOP ​​is a company composed of experts in the field of blockchain technology and entertainment contents. XPOP ​​utilizes NFT technology to enable blockchain smart contract transactions in the entertainment market according to the rapidly changing times of various content players: creators, publishers, producers, investors, planners, etc., and a Web 3.0-based future through NFT marketplaces. The goal is to build a platform for the development of the digital content industry.


XPOP announced that it will launch an entertainment NFT marketplace based on Polkadot to realize this goal more concretely. XPOP ​​plans to provide a service that certifies the originality and ownership of each artist's content and guarantees safe distribution by taking advantage of the interoperability, which is the strength of the Polkadot blockchain. It is expected to be the first NFT marketplace in Korea to focus on the K-pop and entertainment industries.


Meanwhile, TriumphX has developed and launched the NFT issuance platform ENFTEE and the marketplace Sole-X, published works of famous artists and influencers in the fields of art and character content on the Klaytn blockchain as NFTs and supports interpersonal transactions. NFTs issued by TriumphX are being exposed at the same time in OpenSea due to the technical agreement between GroundX and OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace.


An official from TriumphX explained, “This MOU with XPOP is a strategic agreement to expand NFT’s cross-chain compatibility and liquidity supply and upgrade the existing cross-chain-based NFT technology to the next level.” At the same time, “Klaytn It is expected that the chain and the Polkadot chain will meet to create a marketing synergy effect that allows various K contents such as art, characters, and entertainment to be more actively distributed in domestic and overseas markets.”

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