TOM.FINANCE, KLAYswap KTOM/KBANK Pool 1,150% APY is applied

강승환 | 기사입력 2022/03/07 [16:16]

TOM.FINANCE, KLAYswap KTOM/KBANK Pool 1,150% APY is applied

강승환 | 입력 : 2022/03/07 [16:16]

TOM.FINANCE, a decentralized De-Fi project, announced on the 7th (Mon) that it has started airdrops for KTOM/KCBANK Pool, which was launched on KLAYswap.


According to TOM.FINANCE, the APY at the time of applying the Airdrop to the KTOM/KCBANK pool recorded 1,150%.


The KTOM/KCBANK pool, which will be applied with the new Airdrop, is a pair created by TOM.FINANCE in collaboration with Cryptobank to provide liquidity and compensation to project holders and DPI ecosystem participants.


Meanwhile, TOM.FINANCE launched a KLAY/KTOM pool in KLAYswap in the fourth quarter of 2021, and so far, it has maintained an excellent compensation rate while maintaining more than 300% of APY.


The KLAY/KTOM pool is subject to double compensation for KTOM and KCBANK tokens, as CRYPTO BANK, a virtual asset total financial solution, supported KCBANK tokens as additional compensation as it played a role in de-fi incubation for block chain projects.


In order to participate in the pool and receive compensation, each existing Ethereum-based token must be swapped with a Klaytn-based K token through Orbit Bridge.

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